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得師傅授與氣功直教我脫胎換骨。 三十多年困擾我的肝病如煙消雲散








讀論語發現孔夫子談 氣 的感受!

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Santa Rosa MR.Jorge

I was initiated by Master Tu in the Iron Crotch qigong practice in January of 2005.
Three years later I was lifting 323 pounds.

I am still on the path of Iron Crotch and although it has been part of my daily routine for several years, I am still amazed with the transformation that has taken place in my body because of this practice and the complementary qigong exercises that came with it.

I started Iron Crotch to experience qi in a deeper way to expand the capabilities
of my body and mind and get established in great health. Iron Crotch has not
disappoint me in either way.

Besides the incredible fact that my genitals can lift hundreds of pounds,
I am enjoying a strong, youthful body capable of feats that were
unachievable in younger years. I am having a progressive experience
of an iron body, that can withstand hits with hard objects and aging
has slowed down.

Regarding health, I have noticed that staying healthy has become more
and more normal and that if the body has some symptoms of disease
it can recover with greater speed.

I encourage men (and women) to explore this practice with the guidance
of an expert like Master Tu. Its potential as preventive medicine and
physical fitness development is outstanding. The human genitals are
reservoirs of extraordinary power and Iron Crotch has the key
to access it.

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Susan 師姐和先生練習涂金盛老師氣功心得見證

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Jean Lee

MasterTu’s student Dr.Jean her testimony.

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Gigi Oh

MasterTu’s student in Freomont,CA.

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Cecilia Poon

MasterTu’s student Ms.Cecilia’s testimony

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Sandy Kownacki

MasterTu’s student Sandy ,her testimony

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