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蔣佳翰 紐約 心得見證


蔣佳翰 紐約 心得見證

My name is Henry Chiang. I begin learning from Master Tu in December 2010.

My Father was Master Tu’s student back in Taiwan decades ago. He encouraged me to look into this ‘unique’ form of martial art while I was attending school in New York.

Like everyone else, I was skeptical about how ‘private part’ is linked to one’s health and ‘lifting weight’ itself is just another advertisement stunt. I exercise regularly and spend many weekends backpacking in national parks during Spring and Fall. I also participate Dragon Boat races in Summary for a few years. In 2008, I joined a triathlon race in Harriman State park. From western doctors’ opinion, I was VERY healthy.

However, I suffered pneumonia in 2009 which is very rare for a healthy male in 30s. Although I quickly recovered but I started questioning my fundamental concept of ‘health’. Perhaps it was just the superficial look which is meaningless. I began search for answer and remember my Father’s suggestion about master Tu. I took my first class in December 2010. In contrary to other students, I did not experience dramatic improvement immediately. But over the past years, I a lot had less sick days and I feel solid.

What attracted me more from master Tu is the re-discovery of Chinese culture. From Chinese medicine to Yijing (易經) and Feng Shui (風水) plus other Taoism (道家) theories, it’s like a bottomless treasure box. I started to see our ancestors view on how ourselves fit in the universe. By physical training, meditation and operate in-sync with the nature, we can exit the ‘cycle’ that everyone is stuck in. It will probably take me 10~15 years to see result (if any) but I am happy that I have an opportunity to do so.

At the end of the day, If you ask me what is my ultimate goal is, I probably will say ‘Do the right thing’ – to the society, to family & friends, to Master Tu and, most importantly, myself. An a healthy body is just a bonus while you are doing so.

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